Frequently Asked Questions

General and Guest Questions

When can I arrive and when do I need to leave the property?

As with everything, we try to put this on the landowner to specify how it will work for them - and PrivateAcre stays out of it. However, PrivateAcre sets a default rule if not otherwise specified by landowner so two reservations never overlap:

  • A user can never reserve a starting date that is also another confirmed reservation ending date (so, the starting date and ending dates cannot be reserved, those are fully blocked in the system)
  • A guest can arrive anytime after 12:01am on the starting date (but we'll let landowners clarify if they prefer otherwise "no earlier than 7am", for example.
  • A guest must totally vacate the property, including all of their possessions by 11:59pm on the reservation end date. (technically, this means a guest could leave the property right at 11:59pm and a new guest can enter 2 minutes later at 12:01am. effectively, no overlap)
  • If a guest does not vacate the property on time, we have specified penalties in our Terms of Service agreement that will be posted on the website

Can I scout property I have reserved?

In most cases, you can work with the landowner to set up time ahead of your reservation for scouting. We encourage guests to indicate to landowners that they’d like to set aside time for scouting, ahead of time.

How do I communicate with the landowner?

Once you submit a reservation request, you can use PrivateAcre to message the landowner and exchange more detailed information. When you submit a request for a reservation, we keep your card on file, but you aren’t charged until the landowner also confirms.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made up to 60 days before the reservation date receive full refunds excluding any fees and taxes; cancellations made between 59 days and 16 days before the reservation date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee in addition to any other fees or taxes; and cancellations made 15 days or less before the reservation date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee in addition to any other assessed fees and taxes. Landowner cancellations result in 100% refund to guests. Once a reservation is confirmed, we hope to avoid cancellations as guests finalize their plans.

Landowner Questions

How do payouts work?

If you choose to get paid via PayPal, payment is sent 48 hours after the first day of reservation. We want to first ensure that the reservation is going smoothly and the guest has successfully started the reservation without issues. If you choose to get paid via physical check, payment is sent monthly for each reservation on your property within said month, as long as each reservation starts more than 3 days prior to the end of the month. Listings that happen within the last 3 days of the month will be paid the following month. If you have a new listing, payment for the first reservation is held until you complete your W9 tax information.

How should I price my listing?

What you charge for your property listing is always up to you; you can even set your price at $0 for friends and family (the guests will be charged a minimum $9 service fee). When you create a listing on PrivateAcre we give you a few options: you set the base price, have the option to set a premium price for certain popular days, and also have the option to set an additional fee per each guest if you’d like. We like to work closely with landowners to provide support, so don’t hesitate to contact us and our most knowledgeable representatives can help with pricing.

Does PrivateAcre screen guests?

PrivateAcre requires a confirmed email address for both guests and landowners to help ensure basic information and access to correspondence. As a landowner, you can also ask potential guests to provide official IDs, hunting licenses, and other relevant details through our secure messaging platform where you can get to know and trust those who wish to rent your land.

Who can become a PrivateAcre landowner?

How do we verify landowners? To list property on PrivateAcre, you must own the property or have documented approval from the owner of the land. We also recommend that landowners first understand their local laws before listing property on PrivateAcre. When a landowner submits their property listing for review, we verify address details and often reach out to the owner as needed to verify any open questions we have. In some cases we may ask for more information before approving a listing to go live on the PrivateAcre website.

How do I know when guests are on or off my property?

We suggest that landowners arrange to meet with guests on the first day of a reservation to exchange additional information and give a walkthrough of your property as needed. We recommend using the PrivateAcre messaging platform (or phone, email, etc) if you need to know when a guest is on or off of the property.

How much does it cost to list? What are the fees for landowners?

It’s 100% FREE to list your land on PrivateAcre and there are NO FEES for landowners. We charge guests a service fee for each reservation they book to cover our transaction and support costs.

How do guests reserve my land?

All guests must submit a reservation request to you for your listing, including a verified credit card. As a landowner, you have complete control to confirm or deny the reservation request and communicate with the potential guest via our messaging platform to learn more as needed. There are no penalties for denying a reservation request.

How do Private Listings work?

You have the option when creating or managing your listing to toggle between a public listing and a private listing. PrivateAcre private listings are not shown in search results, and allow you to send a unique link to your property listing webpage to only those who you designate.

Can I camp or is there lodging on the property?

In many cases landowners allow camping or have lodging on their property. Check the listing details to see if camping or lodging is allowed and when in doubt reach out to us or the property owner to learn more.

What is occupancy tax? Does a landowner need to collect it or pay it?

If your package does not include lodging, you do not need to collect or pay occupancy tax.

Occupancy tax is a tax on the rental of rooms that may be required by your state or locality. Occupancy tax may also be known as a lodging tax, a room tax or a hotel tax. Occupancy tax rates vary by city, county and state. This tax is generally calculated from the accommodations price plus any fees for other items like cleaning. Occupancy tax is paid by the person leasing your property, but is the responsibility of the landowner to collect the tax and remit to the government. PrivateAcre expects all landowners to be aware of their local laws and regulations and to collect and remit occupancy taxes if required.

Landowners can include occupancy tax in the price they set on lodging or can have the person leasing your property pay you in person when they arrive for their lease. The landowner needs to inform the consumer of the lodging tax via Private Acre’s messaging platform before accepting the reservation request.

How do taxes work for guests?

Some landowners are required by their local regulations to charge a tax called an occupancy tax if the package you are reserving includes lodging. PrivateAcre recommends that landowners include the tax in the price of their package, but some may require the tax to be paid separately on check-in. We ask that hosts explain any taxes required prior to confirming the reservation.