Our Value for Commercial Partners

Our marketplace allows realtors, land managers and wealth managemers to increase their own value to existing clients, new business prospects and others connected to the outdoor real estate ecosystem. We do this by maximizing the value for land, from a near-term cash flow perspective and the long-term value of the land as well. By partnering with PrivateAcre, our Commercial Partners can help to generate real, measurable value to their network, as well as to their own bottom line.

Improve Land Value

Demonstrating direct, repeatable monetization value for properties held by your clients or within trusts that you manage will improve the underlying value. Ultimately, if you’re focused on generating the highest value transactions, this will translate to improved sales prices for your property listings.

Deepen Relationships

As as a real estate professional, your expertise and relationships are critical to your success. PrivateAcre can help you unlock the true value in both, by serving as an engaging opportunity for meaningful conversations with both existing and potential clients. Understanding and surfacing PrivateAcre as a way to help landowners and larger land- or wealth-management entities can help you stay top of mind, and positioned as progressive and knowledgeable about emerging possibilities. To facilitate these initial conversations, PrivateAcre provides ready-to-customize materials for you to leverage as you see fit.

Monetize Your Expertise

As you accumulate listings with us, these also become a way to leverage your expertise on how to best market and monetize properties -- from improving the land itself, developing new activities and experiences, marketing approach consultation, and creative thinking about how to get the most out of each property. As we expand our ecosystem, we are excited to work with our Commercial Partners to develop and implement new value-generating services and opportunities across the whole ecosystem. Our Commercial Partners will be a key driver in expanding and evolving our core value generators. On the direct land management side, we offer three ways to manage properties: 1. Self Management Directly by Landowners 2. Management by Authorized Representative 3. PrivateAcre Listing Management. As a Commercial Partner, you’ll have access to our data and expertise for custom reporting across our growing platform. By blending your expertise with our data and insight capabilities to create value for those you represent.

Grow Your Client List

As a Commercial Partner, you will have the opportunity to connect with others in the marketplace, including those who are looking to sell and those who are looking to buy the types of great outdoor properties that are core to the PrivateAcre platform. We believe in referring our members’ business to our Commercial Partners; as we grow and create value for both landowners and outdoor enthusiasts, we want to do the same thing for Partners as well.

Direct Revenue through Land Management

As mentioned, we offer the ability for authorized representatives of landowners to manage properties on their behalf. In so doing, you may engage landowners or trusts to negotiate the appropriate fee structure and pricing for the use of land. If your listings or landowner contacts prefer that you manage the property for a cost, we allow you to negotiate that arrangement directly with the landowner or other management entity. With each relationship being different, we know that your knowledge of the property and the landowner’s desires will move us toward the best listing management arrangement.

How PrivateAcre Helps Landowners

Properties listed on PrivateAcre.com can generate revenue for landowners or land managers, without any contracts, commitments or concerns about exclusivity. You or the landowners you represent can list with us, and make changes to pricing and availability over time. Our platform has full scheduling and reservation handling capabilities, messaging, and payment integration to make it dead simple to unlock the true (and often unrealized) value of land. As a Commercial Partner, you can be the person highlighting this great opportunity to your existing clients.

Become a PrivateAcre Commercial Partner

Share your information and a representative from PrivateAcre will get back to you shortly to follow up. We’re always available for discussion, if you have further questions.

Send an email to commercial@privateacre.com with your name and phone number, and your preferred contact method (phone or email).

If you prefer to contact us by phone, give us a call at (312) 971-6311.